Speech of the General Manager

Riyadah International Trading Company

Speech of the General Manager

Speech of the General Manager
Tariq Abdullah Abdul Rahman Al-Nahed

Since we started and until now our company continues to move in a strong and positive direction as we have strong support to pursue opportunities that continue to create value for our customers who expect us to deliver our services and more complex performance requirements. We are also focusing on implementing our growth policy, which includes geographical expansion, achieving creativity in the services we provide, pumping more strategic investments and implementing complementary acquisitions.

Keeping in mind the values and principles that we grew up with and to which we have become accustomed, investment is the main foundation for the success and continuation of projects, and our view of success is related to measuring the satisfaction of our customers and meeting their aspirations and needs. Therefore, we continue to strive to develop our performance, and search for modern opportunities to increase our activities inside and outside the Kingdom, so I pray to God Almighty that global leadership will continue its path and contribution to the prosperity of our national economy and strengthen our belonging to the nation’s strong journey in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.


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